The beginnings of a shake up…

I can’t help but be very excited as I write this post!  I have been thinking about a blog showing the world what my husband and I have doing to our home since we bought it in the spring of 2008.  The thinking, the planning, and now, I get to share with people the love of fixing up an old home.  Or building.

You see, our house originally began as a school building.  In fact my husband’s grandpa, and great aunt and great uncles attended school in our home.  Even his aunt before the school was consolidated with another school down the road.  In the early fifties the building was converted to a house.  Walls were put up and bedrooms were made. We were fortunate enough that we still have the original light fixtures in the bathroom, hall, and laundry room.  I love me some Schoolhouse Electric, but a little out of our price range…

Mainly we have changed things cosmetically in the house.  We were fortunate to have bought a structurally sound house.  Although when we brought our parents to our new home, their response was not exactly what we expected.  It was through our excited eyes they could see the potential we saw in our new home.

The beginning...
It was when we walked down to the basement and saw this room when we knew this was the place for us.We knew we had our work cut out for us. A lot of work.

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