Treating the bedroom…

Because our house is an old school house, we have awesome, big windows that means we had to get very creative when it came to adding window treatments to our windows.  In the summer of 2010, we bit the bullet and had Budget Blinds install shades on the windows in our upper level.  For a while I thought these blinds looked “good enough”.  Aka I don’t need to add anything else to that HUGE window.

While exploring the world of other DIYers, I came across several pictures that changed my mind.  Which lead me to add a project on my long list of projects.  Curtains for the bedroom.  It won’t be too hard, I thought to myself.  There are plenty of stores who carry 10 1/2 foot panels and 11 foot curtain rods.


The half dressed bedroom window.

Isn’t that an awesome window?!?  Not so awesome when it came to finding panels to fit.  Luckily while on a trip to Hobby Lobby, mom and I came across some awesome fabric that was deeply discounted. Discounted from $15 to $7 a yard, it was hard to pass it up.  After showing Adam the fabric we agreed we would be able to get away with a yard width and cut the panel in two for the panels.

Last weekend mom and I sewed it up.  When I say mom and I sewed them, what I really mean is mom sewed and I watched and took pictures. The curtain panels turned out really well with only a few glitches.

After the curtains were sewn, the next step was to hang the rods.  Remember when I said that it was easy difficult to find curtain rods that would fit an 11 foot window?  Lowe’s had just what I needed:

Two white wooden rods each measuring 6 foot.  Because they were a little longer than we needed, Adam cut a little off of each end.

He continues to impress me.  😉  After the rods were cut, the next step was to measure where to place the rod holders.  I wanted to do this myself since the project was my idea, but my height didn’t allow me.  Which meant it was up to Adam to hang the rod holders.  After leveling and making sure the rod holders were appropriately spaced we were left with this result:

The angle didn’t really allow me to get a better picture.  But I think you get the general idea.  I love, love, love the curtain panels.  I especially like how the curtains finish off the room and make it feel more complete.

This school house is gettin’ shook up! 🙂

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