It’s that time of year again…

I love my husband.  A lot.  And I admire him.  A lot.  So when I came across his list of things to accomplish during break and then things to accomplish in the next few months, I thought I need to put down my list of things I want to accomplish in this new year of 2012.



So what do we have planned for our humble abode this year?  Nothing too major, but exciting none the less.  Here’s the list:


     *new duct work/ new heating and cooling

     *new carpet in the bedrooms and hardwood in the kitchen/hallway, living room/dining room, and stairs

*finally removing all of the old asbestos tile in the basement

*trim in the family room

*rearranging the laundry room

*new cabinets in the laundry room

*window box in the living room

*summer garden

Really there isn’t a whole lot on the list for the house this year.  But, like we all know, these seemingly small projects may turn into something bigger. 

So, if I don’t post before the new year, have a blessed new year! 





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