Put your feet up and stay awhile

I never knew how much I loved the color red.  Until I looked in my living room and saw red here, red there.  Red everywhere.  And, honestly, it was hurting my eyes.  Especially this little guy:

We got this for our first Christmas.  Knowing we had recently bought a Wii and didn’t have a good place to put our fun accessories (ou know like the tennis racket, the baseball bat, and the golf club) my brother and sister-in-law bought us this storage ottoman.  At one point, it looked clean and I liked it.  A lot.  But now, well, my tastes are changing.  I things that look a little more mature.  Like this guy:



But seriously.  It’s time to change a few things out.  So on one of our last trips to Wal-Mart I found a new storage ottoman.  And it sure is purty.

The picture is fuzzy, but as you can tell, UPGRADE!!

I placed our Wii accessories inside and have now placed a plant, jar for pens and pencils.  So much for functional…and pretty.

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