Summer is here! Kind of…

I most enjoy reading things with pictures.  Not because I can’t read (hello!  I taught first grade and taught others how to read!), but I love being able to look at beautiful things.  So it pains me to say this post will not have pictures.  Not because I don’t have any, but because I can’t access them.  Read on and you’ll find out why.

The past month has been a whirlwind of emotion.  Here is a sample of what has happened:

*I was offered a new position closer to home

*I resigned from my teaching position

*We had new floors installed

*We attended six (count ’em six) graduation parties in one afternoon

*I packed up all of my school things from school and moved them home

*I said goodbye to friends I made in the past two years

*I turned in my Mac (it was a school computer)

It probably doesn’t look like a whole lot in terms of items.  But when you look at it from an emotional stand point…it is/was a lot.

So now I’m at home not twiddling my thumbs.  In fact I’m crossing off a few things on my list this week.  Like taking down our bedroom doors, priming them, and then later painting them.  I will be having meals with some good friends.  Adam and I will be buying carpet and setting up a time for installation.  Not to mention I will be trying not to feel bad when I relax and catch up on some reading.  Then, the following week, I will be starting my new job.  Talk about a school house shake up!  

But, wait.  Isn’t this blog about our house?  It is.  Don’t worry.  I just needed to vent.  Again. So what is on our list of things to do this Summer?

*Sand and paint bedroom doors

*Sand and paint closet doors

*Rearrange office

*Move spare bedroom downstairs

*Garden, garden, garden (vegetable and flower)

*Buy a new rug for the dining room

*Have carpet installed

It doesn’t seem like a lot right now, but I’m sure as the summer progresses, I’ll be bustin’ my rear to get the list done before school starts.  

So what has been causing a “shake up” for you?  Any new job placements?  House projects?

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