I’m back at it…

Alright.  This blog has been neglected far too long.  I don’t know what even to blame it on, maybe I’m just being lazy.  Ok, that’s exactly what it is.  After reading another blog by a full time mom and a practicing lawyer, there really is no excuse for me.  

So, yes, we are still working on our house.  Slowly.  We were able to get our cabinets installed in our laundry room and Adam built a really sturdy recycling center.  I am amazed by my husband’s carpentry skills.  But, now the trick is what to do with an awkward corner at the end of the recycling center and the washer.  I had high hopes for a sink, but I’m not sure it will fit now.  

After our laundry room, I’m hoping to move on to the “pit”.  Also known as our future family room.  Every time I go down to the basement in attempts to declutter, I come back upstairs dejected.  Will that room ever be complete?  Soon.  Hopefully within the year we will begin on a few storage solutions.  

So, carry on my fellow house-shaker-uppers!  Carry on…

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