Merry Christmas!

This holiday season has been very generous for us.  I love being able to get together with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while.  In fact we have hardly been home because we’ve been over at friend’s homes or family member’s homes.  By the way, we are friends with some amazing people.  Seriously.  I don’t really like it when people say they’re blessed ( for some reason is sounds fake or they’re trying to convince themselves otherwise…), but really, God has given Adam and I a lot to feel blessed about.

It probably comes as no surprise Adam and I really like tackling home projects with our own two hands.  We have had to hire out a few projects because we felt they were not in our comfort zone, but for the most part we have, at times, fumbled through projects eagerly.  So when I opened up my birthday gift from my mom, I cried.  A little.  Image

I don’t know how to sew.  I have tried a few times and have gotten myself so frustrated I banished my hand-me-down sewing machine to never see the light of day again.  But, this time it’s going to be different.  This time I have projects I want to do.  And they are projects for a special room.  The exciting thing about this sewing machine is with the purchase of the machine comes a year of sewing lessons. When my mother-in-law asked if I had taken home-ec, I told my mother-in-law middle school home-ec didn’t help me.  Not because I didn’t have good teachers, but I was more interested in the snicker doodle station.  So long snicker doodles, hello sewing!

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