Last night, when I ducked into Target for a quick birthday gift, I came across two lampshades.  Sounds ridiculous, but I had been looking at lampshades for our bedroom for a while.  I found a lampshade at Target for $30.  I may sound cheap, but that was a bit too steep for me.  We have two lamps in our bedroom and I wasn’t willing to spend $60 on lamp shades.  Seems a bit much for me.  So when I came across two lamp shades for $15, I grabbed two on my way up to the check out.  

Here is how they look:



You can catch a glimpse of the second lamp in the mirror.  When I got home last night I immediately put them on our lamps just to check out how they look.Overall I really like them.  I like the shape, I like the pattern, and I like the color.  The light they produce at night is amazing.  The previous shades didn’t allow much light at all and made our bedroom fairly dark even with the lamps on.  

Slowly, but surely, our bedroom is coming to completion!


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