Getting Green

To be very honest, I’m getting tired of seeing “dead” around our yard and especially on our porch.  This even extends into our house.  While on a trip to Wal Mart last week  I picked up two house plants to put in our bedroom.  Then while at Lowe’s last weekend I picked up two more plants for the porch.  And lastly, while at Home Depot last night I picked up two more plants for our porch.   Are you seeing a trend.  I think Adam is and he’s getting a little worried…

The plants I wanted to use in our bedroom I found for $2.75 each.  Couldn’t get past that price!  Now they are on the small side, but I am planning on watering.  And often.  The basket I wanted to use was a basket from Ten Thousand Villages.  If you don’t know Ten Thousand Villages you can find out more about them here.  They have some beautiful things!!  I knew for sure I didn’t want to fill the basket with dirt ( can you say “disaster”?), so I was on the look out for a pot that would fit down in the basket.  I came across a great one at Lowe’s.  What is really great about it is that it’s a self watering container, meaning I don’t have to worry about water spilling out of the bottom of the pot when I over water.


So…on to the planting.  My favorite spot to pot plants is sitting on our front porch and wave at the neighbor’s when they drive by.  Love.  It.  



Aren’t those the cutest little things?  And seriously, they are going to be gorgeous plants.

When I checked the height of the pot I knew it would be too short for the basket. See…



I knew I needed to find a little pot to help boost the larger pot.  

Lo and behold, I found one in our garden shed!  

Here’s what it looked like:



Here’s the final product:



Now that I had my houseplant planted, I was able to move on to the porch plants.  Sometimes when you buy plants they look a little, well, root bound.  Having worked at a plant nursery for two seasons it’s so important to pull the roots to stimulate new growth.  When I took the plant out of its container this is what I saw:



No, worries though.  I just pulled a few of those roots a part and planted it in the planter.  



Now, that’s not the end of my planting this spring.  I’m just getting started!! 🙂  Happy Spring (tomorrow)!

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