It’s summertime and…

the living is easy. 

Only three more days at my current position and then I will officially be on summer break.  It isn’t unusual that I take a little time to reflect on things I want to accomplish before another school year is started.  So without further a-do, here I go…

*Replace the flowerbed border Adam hit them tonight with the mower…whoops.

*Take more pictures of events in our life.  I just went through a few of my Facebook albums and I have definitely fell off the picture-taking-band-wagon.  What happened?

*Read, read, read.  A few weekends ago, mom and I went into a local bookstore and I immediately realized what I have been missing in my life.  

*Clean out the basement storage room.  After five years of living in our house, there are definitely items we don’t use.  And it’s time for them to go.  I strongly dislike the clutter and where we’re wanting to complete some home improvement projects, it’s time.  

*Reflect more.  I definitely lead a very busy life.  I am currently on two boards, I work a part time job, and I’m always thinking of a project to work on.  Because of this I don’t take a lot of time for myself.  While reading through a friend’s blog, I realize how grounded she is.  And I love it.  I get too distracted with the next thing and don’t take time to think on how I can live my life for Christ.  

*Be with family and friends.  Things are changing in our “family”.  There are family members who will be moving and members who are going through situations that are life changing.  And I want to make sure I can and will be there for them.  Another way I can be more grounded.  



This is our home.  And we love it.  So if there is anything I want to accomplish, it will be to make our home continue to work for us.  It’s a fairly small space, but we have made it work for our needs.  Be sure to come back and check out how our summer is turning out!

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