For some people transitions happen when the calendar turns to a new year.  For teachers most of our transitions happen when school ends.  Sometimes those transitions are not welcomed.  Other times…they are encouraged with open arms.  This summer is the latter of the transitions.  I will be home this summer to organize our space, to reconnect with friends, to explore recipes in the kitchen, garden, prepare for the next school year, and celebrate a wedding of a good friend.  The transition I have between the daycare and my 1st grade classroom is SO welcomed.  

Another transition that will occur this summer is the focus of the blog.  When I began this blog, my goal was to share home improvement projects Adam and I were doing.  While I still hope to do such a thing, I realized this focus was not healthy.  The house became an endless project for me and I never felt satisfied with the state of our home.  With that being said, this blog will now transition from a complete focus of home improvements to Adam and I’s life together.  While it feels a lot of our life centers around improving the space we live in, I feel it is important to document the events in our lives that make us “us”.  

My plan is to blog 3 times a week.  If you have been reading, you know how inconsistent the blog posts are.  Blog posting is something I want to be more conscience of beginning this summer.  

Come join Adam and I on our adventure!  We’re bound to “shake up” some things around here!  🙂

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