3rd Annual Birthday Road Trip

This special lady is having a birthday tomorrow.  




So we took this past Friday for our 3rd annual “birthday road trip” day.  This year we decided to head down to the Wellington/Winfield area.  We packed up her vehicle and headed out.  And we had a blast.

We decided to head into Wellington first.  There was very little open on Main Street which we found to be disappointing.  So it was off to Winfield for us.  Our initial plan was to eat lunch in Winfield at a burger place recommended by Adam.  But we got sidetracked by a small town on the way there.  Oxford put off our lunch plans for a good two hours or so.  It was such a neat town!  The nice thing about it just being me and mom is that we can change our plans several times.  While in Oxford we decided to follow the sign for an “Old Mill”.  So glad we did!  This is what we found at the end of our journey…



It was beautiful!



Don’t worry; mom wasn’t going to jump.  🙂



We couldn’t believe what we literally stumbled upon.  So cool.  

After this find, we were on cloud nine.  We went into town and found out (at a local boutique) that the high school has an entrepreneurship class that runs the Old Mill.  The class hires a cook, waits tables, and promotes the restaurant.  

After bumming around Oxford for a while, we quickly realized how hungry we were and headed down the road to Winfield.  

That’s when we found this gem of a burger joint…



Yum-yum!  We don’t go for healthy food on this road trip.  We go for…well, anything!  Once we had food in our bellies, we again had the necessary energy to continue exploring Winfield.  There are several neat stores in this town.  We only were able to go to two of them due to the time we had, but they were so worth it!  

These were some of the treasures I brought home with me…



I found a magnet board, vintage glass ornaments, and an old hen feeding tray.  One of the projects I was wanting to do this summer was to make a magnet board to hang in the laundry room.  But, since I found a magnet board that is so much cooler than I could make, I took it off of my list.  Here is what it looks in our laundry room…



And a view from the hallway…



Even though this trip was about enjoying time with mom and spoiling her, she has a way of turning the tables.  Turkey-heine.



While I have been putting away my goodies today, I found myself very thankful for the relationship I have with my mom.  She’s a funny, caring, selfless, and smart lady and I am so fortunate to have her as a mom.  

Happy early birthday, mom!  And much, much love!  I hope we have many more “Birthday Road Trips” ahead of us.


2 thoughts on “3rd Annual Birthday Road Trip

  1. Megan Pinkerton Miller says:

    Jill, Thanks for sharing!!! What a lovely birthday idea!! My mom and I love doing things like this too…. Lindsborg is next on our list! Have you been there?

  2. Megan says:

    This is such a great tradition! Happy birthday, Mama Bonnie! 🙂

    Also… can I just say that I love all your posts?! And you, of course.

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