The Fridge- Part 2

While I know I said I would be back in a day or two with the second part of our epic fridge saga, a few important events (namely one) came up.  Like the wedding of a very good friend.  I thought it was more important than talking about my fridge.  Can I get an amen?

So this evening I decided to finish up the project.  If you remember I left you with this as the side of our fridge:



Sloppy, disorganized, and cluttered.  So, I took everything off the side.  It was kind of fun taking the pictures off.  I found quite a few fun pictures, wedding invites, and a Playbill from Hairspray.  It was like our fridge had become a scrapbook.  Maybe I could start that up as supplemental income;  living scrapbooks on your fridge!  That sounds like it would go well, right?

Anyway, back to our fridge.  In preparation for some organization, I created a menu plan board.  I saw quite a few ideas on Pintrest, but there really weren’t any that tripped my trigger.  About a week ago, while at Hobby Lobby, I came across a poster frame.  And got an idea.  



While paying for the frame, there was a lady in front of me asking when certain items went on sale.  The clerk told her every other week.  In other words, I missed the week my poster frame was on sale.  Shucks.  But while I was in Hutch (the same week I bought the frame) I returned it so I could get it half off the next week.  My mom made fun of me.  I really am turning into a cheap-skate in my old age.  

The next week when it was on sale I bought it half price.  Boo-yah!  On a previous trip I bought vinyl to use as letters of the week.  If you noticed in the picture above I used scraps of old paper to help me determine the size of the letters.  Once I decided on the size, I used my Cricut to cut the letters.  Then peeling back the paper, attached the letters to the plastic sheet of the poster frame.  Before I placed the letters on the frame I wrapped the back of the poster with wrapping paper I found at Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately the paper wasn’t 50% off.  There comes the frugal side of me.  Image


I have to use a ruler with a straight edge.  There is no way I can lay down letters in a straight line.  Just ask Adam.  When we were dating I attempted to cut a pan of brownies.  I had never seen him laugh so hard at a large brownie.  Whoops.  



There are a few letters that for some reason or another I just couldn’t get straight.  Overall, I am very happy with how it turned out!  I bought a package of chalk markers at Hobby Lobby to write down meals for that day.  

After cleaning off the fridge and attaching a 3M command hook to hang the menu board, the fridge is ready to go.  



So, what do you think?!  Anything I forgot?  The cost of the project I would estimate to be around $10.  Helps when you wait to get the frame half off!  

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