Fishing Fellowship

I had previously mentioned a good friend of mine was married this past week.  Not only was it a great celebration of Mariah and Nick,  but some really neat people came down to celebrate.  Including these fine folks.



Aaron and Brit came down from Wyoming to celebrate.  A brief history on these incredible people:  Aaron and Mariah (the bride this past weekend) are twins.  Both Aaron and Mariah are good friends with Adam.  Before Adam and I began dating, Mariah and I were on summer staff together.  We became good friends and even closer as my relationship with Adam developed.  

Aaron and Adam grew up fishing and camping together.  There are some pretty cute adorable pictures of them at Camp Mennoscah.  These guys go way back.  Then Aaron came home one year not by himself, but with Brit.  And I’m so glad she did.  Aaron & Brit and Adam & I have become pretty close over the last couple of years.  So when they came down this past weekend, we knew we needed to have at least one evening of hang out time.  

We chose to go fishing.  Something Adam and I haven’t done all summer and it was so good to catch up with Aaron & Brit and their little guy doing something we love.  



It was so neat to see them allowing their little guy to interact with nature.  I feel most parents would be extremely cautious and be hesitant to allow their child to get near the water.  Aaron and Brit (and I really respect them for this) want their son to have a healthy respect for nature and are doing a great job of developing this.  





It’s pretty cool knowing the bond these guys created through fishing.  It’s even cooler that this bond is being based down to a new generation.  Image


Thank you Aaron and Brit for your friendship.  We can’t wait for many more memories with you and your little guy!




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