Grown Up Things

I remember as a kid wondering what it felt like to be a grown up.  Well, I’m going in my sixth year of being a grown up and I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to feel like.  I still have a few pieces of clothing in my closet from high school and we most definitely have things that are “hand-me-downs” from our parents.  Heck, our microwave came from my college dorm room.  So it kind of becomes a big deal when Adam and I buy our very own “grow up” things for our house.  Like “grown up” everyday silverware.

For our anniversary, my mom gave us a very generous Target giftcard instructing us to use it on something we want.  Something we want?!  Uh, I can think of a lot of things I want for the house.  Just ask Adam.  But we eventually settled on new silverware.  Really there is nothing wrong  with ours.  It just felt like a good time to update our silverware.  Out set is so fancy it came in a shoe box.  Let me explain.  Before we got married my grandma had a garage sale and just happened to have a shoe box of old silverware.  She was going to sell it for 99 cents.  But because I was interested in it she gave me the whole set for free.  And it’s served us well for the last five or so years.  But, it just feels like it’s time to not only update, but improve.  

I came across a coupon for $5 if you spent over $50.  I saved this little gem and our giftcard for our next trip to Target.  And this is what we grownups bought:



Aren’t they pretty?!  The can opener was a must.  Ours pooped out on us a few weeks ago.  All paid was $1.67.  It was kind of fun handing over our change to pay the difference.  The next step is to wash up these bad boys (minus the can opener.  That gem will just go in the drawer), sit on the couch, and feel a little more grown up.  Whew.


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