The Little Things

Sometimes that’s all it is to make our home truly our own.  One way I set to accomplish this is with plants around our home.  Last Spring I was on a real kick to add plants in each room; small ones, ones in plant stands, some in baskets.  If we had a room without a plant, I found a plant and fixed that problem.  If you remember I even did a post on planting a one for our bedroom.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of sun and water, this is how it ended up looking:



Pathetic, right?  I usually have a green thumb.  Usually.  Alright, back to the drawing board…I was just about ready to go house plant shopping when my mother-in-law gave me a plant.  


It’s really pretty and I didn’t want the plant to have the same fate as the previous plant.  Let’s be real, plants don’t deserve that.  

So I took the old plant to the compost pile and took the new plant to the outside planting table.  While there I noticed something a bit suspicious.



I did a spot check for bugs and didn’t see any.  Eee… But then I also noticed something else.  



Turkeys.  In our garden.  It was so cool to watch them digging in the dirt for bugs.  They’re really ugly birds.  At least they taste good.  

Back to the plants.  Once the new plant was planted it was put back in the basket and set not in our bedroom, but in the spare room.  I do learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes.  

The first place I set it was by my work table.  The only problem is that I wouldn’t be able to see it from the living room.  First world problems, I know.  

So, it was moved in front of the dresser.  



And I like it a lot.  Even Sandy.  It is nice to have it there because it covers the lamp cord that hangs in front of the dresser.  Brilliant.  What about the bedroom you ask?  I didn’t want to plant another plant in there because I knew what it’s fate would be; death.  Certain death.  So I “shopped” in our basement for two faux ferns placed them in a basket, set the it in the same place to cover our lamp cords, and badda-bing, badda-boom, all was right in the universe.  



Except for the brass door handle.  It’s all in the little things, right?  

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