Women’s Retreat, Kansas, and Pumpkins! Oh, my!!

To say the beginning of the school year is CRAZY is an understatement.  Very much of an understatement.  Even though I feel like I’m on top of my game before we head back for teacher inservice, I am soon humbled and realize I have even more to do.  For instance, I thought my room was ready to go until I realized I was missing a few items.  CRAP!  Don’t even get me started on my lesson plans.  I thought I had that under control until I realized how much I needed to prepare.  First world problems, right?

With all that said, I was extremely excited for the school year to start.  I have wanted to teach in my new district for the last five years.  It isn’t that I didn’t try.  It’s just that no one leaves.  The only way there were going to be openings is if a teacher retired.  And this year, there were two teachers who retired.  And they offered me one of those positions!  Boo-yah!  But then I put added stress on myself.  I felt I really need to step up my A-game.  Silly, but I over analyzed everything I did.  Which was stupid.  So, by the end of the first week back I was really glad mom and I had plans for our annual “Women’s Retreat” to relax a bit.

Our “Women’s Retreat” focus is always centered around the State Fair.  Why?  Because we both really enjoy going to people watch.  And eat fried things.  I promise it isn’t as creepy as it sounds.  The people watching, that is.  But, seriously, if mom and I didn’t go, I wouldn’t be able to get my annual Pronto Pup ( no, Adam, it isn’t a corn dog), check out the rabbits, sweat like a pig, and see the finest Kansas has to offer.

This year the band Kansas came to play for the 100th annual Kansas State Fair opening.  Having grown up with Kansas (I remember my mom would play their tapes while we were cleaning house.  Epic childhood memory!), it was nice to know I could still sing a long to a few of the songs.  However, I was so one of those twenty-somethings, who hummed to a few and attempted to sing along with a few even though I had no idea what the words were.  I totally had them fooled!  Not.


You probably can’t see the arms of the violin player in this pic, but they were massive.  I wish my years of playing viola produced arms like that.  I knew I didn’t practice enough….

Before we got our annual Pronto Pup, we walked around the grounds saw some “small” pumpkins…


Gawked at a large butter sculpture…


And then watched a hypnotist show.  The only show I ever saw was in college, and having that as my only experience, I wasn’t really show what to expect.


It was…


Hilarious.  My uncle Jerry really got a kick out of it.  When I suggested he go up on stage, he gave me a quick “no”.  Party pooper.  🙂

After walking around the fair for 5 hours, mom and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.  That’s where I found this:


Yep.  Another project on my Fall list.  This is a project I have been wanting to do for a while.  I finally found the perfect fabric.  Many of you probably already know, but Hobby Lobby has e-coupons of 40% off you can use on non-sale items.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to get the 40% because they have their fabric discounted 30% from the original price.  But, when I asked, they let me use the 40% off coupon.  I think Adam is impressed.  Totally impressed.  Now, I just need to wait for another “Women’s Retreat” for my mom to help.  Right, momma?  🙂

Overall, it was a great weekend to spend with my mom.  She even helped me pick out Adam’s Christmas present.  It is weekends such as this one that makes me realize how special my mom is to me.  She is a great sport, creative person, and overall incredible person.  Come on, she has to put up with me!  Can’t wait for next year’s “Women’s Retreat”.


I am over the moon for ya! 🙂

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