High Hopes

You know when you’re husband prefaces what he’s going to say with “Don’t take this the wrong way, but…” it isn’t going to be good.  But it was definitely the truth.  What did he tell me?  “You look miserable.”  And, yes, I most definitely felt miserable.  

I had such high hopes for this evening.  I was going to start on an office project.  I was going to plan ahead for school stuff.  I was going to do some reading.  But then I began to feel like crap right after dinner.  Bluh.  So, the projects I had on my list of things to do are getting bumped to tomorrow.  

Don’t worry for my two readers, there will be a post soon about the latest happenings here at the school house.  While there may not be a whole “shakin'” up right now, there should be something hopefully by the end of the week.  I hope.  

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