Master Suite? Family Room? Oh, my!

Adam and I spent our entire Friday evening in our basement last night.


This pile is definitely a reason why we were down there for four hours.  Going through literally 20 years of memories and deciding what to keep and what to save and then figuring out what to save was a bit, well, let’s say time consuming.  But I was able to make some decisions and get this pile from this to…


this.  The round color container is something I haven’t even touched yet.  I’m almost afraid of what’s in there.  But things from camp, college, and even a few high school memories I was able to make room in the red tub and small tub with the pink lid.  While I was going through my things, Adam was going through the “Hope” chest as it’s called and went through pictures.  He also went through lamps and other various furniture.  Seriously.  We need to get this room going.  I’m getting a little tired of moving piles around the perimeter of the room to make room for other things.  See what I mean?


These are items that will eventually be used for our family room.  Eventually.  Until then they sit there staring at me saying “arrange me”.  Yes, it is that creepy.  That’s why I don’t go down in the basement very often.

Another of our goals last night was to clean out the room we affectionately call the “stage”.  When our house was a school, we assume this raised room was used as a stage for students.  We have used it as an office/craft room combo since we moved in to our home in 2008.  But as we lived in our house we realized how much another bathroom would be useful as well as another bedroom in our house.  I can’t tell you how many times when we have come home and BOTH of use have to go to the bathroom.  Thank goodness Adam is a boy.  I’ll leave it at that.  This got our creative minds flowing.  And once the room was cleaned out we could really see what we have to work with.



This room is, er, a diamond in the rough.  Last night while we were talking through some potential plans for this room with the bathroom and the bedroom it hit us. The dimensions of a potential bedroom are bigger than the dimensions of our current bedroom upstairs.  Why not treat this area like a master suite?  Not a fancy one, mind you.  A practical one.  We are Mennonite after all.  It has to be practical.  We have always thought the side of the room with the window would be the side the room would go on and the other side would be the bathroom.  We want to make sure the bathroom is accessible for not only the bedroom, but also for people using the family room.  That way when we have people over in the family room they don’t have to go through a bedroom to get to a bathroom.  I think it’s so awkward to go through a person’s room…

Adam was thinking we could accomplish this by creating a little hallway from the entrance to the family room, that would also grant us entrance from the bedroom.  I’m visual.  I don’t think I can really understand Adam’s vision until this room is completely gutted and there is a picture. I can’t get past the septic clean out.  That’s the nasty thing in the middle of the room.  And by nasty, I mean n-a-s-t-y.  Adam thinks we will be able to cover the pipe, but still have access to it when need be.

So what do you think?  Are we really shaking it up thinking we can make a master suite in our basement?  Or should we keep it a separate bedroom/bathroom combo?

One thought on “Master Suite? Family Room? Oh, my!

  1. Megan says:

    I also hate going through anyone’s bedroom to use the bathroom. It’s weird. So I think you should do some kind of Jack and Jill bathroom with access from the hallway and the bedroom, if my opinion counts for anything. 🙂

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