Nash Dash

This past weekend Adam and I had the privilege of having my youngest cousin spend the night.  My cousin actually picked the date.  Completely out of the air.  It’s really kind of funny to hear how these dates get set up by him.  He will ask if he can come over (the answer is almost always yes) and he’ll say “I will come over November…3rd!”.  Or “How about I come in 2 weeks and 3 days?”.  There are times when the date works and there are other times it most definitely doesn’t work.  Lucky for us, this one worked.  



Nash was the ringer bearer in our wedding.  At the time, he was only one and was the cutest little ring bearer you have ever seen.  We weren’t quite sure he would make it down the aisle.  He was sick, sick, sick, but was such a trooper that he walked down the aisle with the help of his big brother (who, I might add, is another favorite of mine).  Ever since he was little he has adored Adam or “Abam” as he called him in his toddler years.  So, I knew that even though I would be able to spend some time with this sweet, little guy he was here to hang with his main man. 



Friday evening was spent at the MHS home football game.  I sat in the bleachers, Nash sat with Adam up in the press box while Adam announced the game.  I went up during halftime to check on him and he was as content as can be.  He was with his bud.  After the game we went to a friends house to socialize a bit before we said goodnight.  We have good friends.  I’ll just say that.  While I stayed in with the ladies, Nash went out to the deck with Adam to hang out with the guys.  At one point the host came back in and grabbed a few blankets.  It wasn’t until us ladies gave him a quizzical look that he explained Nash asked him for blankets.  🙂  

I knew even before Nash came over I would be kicked out of my bed.  So, I voluntarily slept on the couch.  Thankfully we have a decent couch.  Don’t feel sorry for me though, Adam later told me Nash kept kicking, sleep farting, and mumbled in his sleep.  

The next day the boys got on the roof to hang these things:



Adam got burned a few years ago when he put Christmas lights up on a cold, breezy, and wet evening.  He vowed to never let that happen again.  So when there was a good weekend we were free he pounced on it.  And so did the little guy.  Kind of.  



But with his good pal by his side he was alright.  In fact, pretty soon I looked back and saw this:



When I got on the roof to help the “guys” Nash taught me how to clip the Christmas lights into the clip.  After I pulled the cord tight and clipped it in, Nash would say “Great job, Jill!”  Turns out the student quickly became the teacher.  



Our time with Nash was quickly over.  I think it was over too fast for the Nash-mister as well.  When we were driving him home, he told us he wants to spend four days, three nights with us next time.  So sweet.  

Now it’s only 20 more days and 4 hours until our next visit.  🙂  


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