Thanksgiving Blues

No, I am most definitely not sad it’s Thanksgiving.  But our spare room has gone a bit more blue. 🙂

Last month, I posted about new curtain panels mom and I sewed for the spare room.  Try as I might, I really wanted the colors to work.  Really I did.  But after I really looked, it just wasn’t working.  Like chocolate and bacon.  No matter how hard you try to tell me it tastes really good, it just doesn’t work. So, I finally listened to Megan and mom and looked for a different shade of blue.  And if we’re being honest, the original blue color didn’t work with the new color scheme we have in the house.


My first trip was to the hardware store in town.  I am trying to be a lot better about buying local if at all possible.  Especially with our local coffee shop.  It definitely isn’t hard to shop local there.  Hello, iced mocha! 🙂  After I perused their paint samples, I found a few I thought would work. An especially dark blue.  


I had full intentions of buying the gallon I needed from the hardware store.  But while I was in Hutch one night visiting my mom, I went in to Lowe’s to check out their low VOC paint.  Megan had told me she really liked using it when she painted their rooms.  Our local hardware store doesn’t carry low VOC paint as far as I know.  And being 30 minutes from another paint store, I went ahead and had them color match my paint swatch and purchased my first VOC paint.  And.  I.  Liked.  It.  A lot.  Image

So one Friday night after school I busted out my paint supplies, put on my paint clothes, and got my paint on.  And it was epic.  Before I took the first stroke, I was a little hesitant.  The first coat of blue paint was paint I bought at Sherwin Williams when we were first painting walls.  And I had every intention of making the investment in paint and not paint for a long time.  That didn’t happen.  We have repainted just about every room in our house.  Whoops.

But as I took more strokes, the more I fell in love.  With the paint.  






It took a good two to three coats to get full coverage, but it was well worth the work to get good coverage.  Especially when the room now looks like this:







It was a shakeup for me to change the tone of blue for this room, but I am really happy with the results.  The blue has really pretty undertones when the morning light hits it and in the evening is a cozy blue.  I am sure Adam loves living with a more cozy blue in the house. 🙂  

May you find many things to be thankful for today.  Happy Thanksgiving! 


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