Dirty Laundry

Alright, not that kind of dirty laundry.  Actual dirty laundry.  Like our dirty laundry.  🙂



No, I’m not scrubbing our clothes on a cheese grater.  Rather, I’m grating ivory soap and actually having a good time.  Let me explain.

We have been trying to make small changes around our house in an attempt to live more “green”.  Gardening has always been a priority for us and our cleaning chemicals have been slowly replaced by more “green” products such as vinegar ( I could do a whole blog post on how much I adore vinegar), but there are more things we can do to make our living “greener”.  So when we ran out of our laundry soap last week I knew this was my opportunity to finally give making our own soap a try.  And, thankfully, I had Adam on my side.

On our weekly grocery trip we added a box of washing soda, Borax, and Ivory soap bars to our list.  

Sorry, for the side ways picture. I’m not sure what’s going on. Any suggestions for how to rotate it? It’s a horizontal picture in my picture library.


Once one bar of soap was grated, I added one cup of washing soap and one cup of Borax, mixed it, and that was it.  Super easy. 






The longest part of the process was grating the soap.  But even that didn’t take much of an effort.  Because the soap container we chose was fairly large, we ended up mixing enough ingredients for three batches.  Super easy and the laundry soap mix smells really good due to the fact we bought aloe Ivory soap.  We are smell-good people and this smells really good. 🙂

I have washed

four loads with this soap mixture and I have been really happy with it.  I also pair the soap mixture with vinegar.  The vinegar is used for a fabric softener.  I should also mention, I did do a bit of research to make sure this mixture would be compatible with our HE washer.  


If you have been on the fence of trying your own handmade soap I would suggest giving it a try.  My plan is to track how many loads we use per batch and track the cost effectiveness.  But really, I think it may come out in a wash.  Get it?!  Oh, man… 🙂  


2 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry

  1. Katy says:

    Fun soap container! Does it work well on really ground in, sat in your laundry basket for a week, scuzzy stains?

    LOVE the blue! Especially in the glow of the lamp.

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