Secret Santa

Let’s be real here.  I’m not perfect.  And it was 8:00 last night when I finally knew what I wanted to give to my Secret Santa.  And I think I pulled it off.

At school we were given a name of another staff member and we were to give them a total of three presents over a two week span.  I almost failed.  Miserably.  I’m not sure what it was, but it was really hard for me to remember to not only get the gifts, but put them in my selected staff member’s box.  Grrr….So, knowing I had one more gift to go before revealing my identity I wanted to make it a good one.

When I got home from the basketball game last night I went straight to my craft closet and pulled out a wreath form I bought at Etc. Shop for a $1.50 last spring.  I then pulled out some ribbon, ornaments, and my trusty hot glue gun.


I kind of knew what I wanted, but knew that as I played with the wreath I would get more ideas.

The first step was to wrap the burlap-esqe (yes, I just made that a word), ribbon around the form.


To hold the ribbon down, I place a few dots of hot glue.  I thought about using pins, but I didn’t want them to show.  Plus, I figured hot glue might hold longer.  Once I was happy with the wrapped ribbon, I moved on to adding my ornaments.  Initially I thought I would use the ornaments I had my kids use for their parent gift at school.  This was a box of ornaments I bought after Christmas two years ago for 75 cents a box.  That’s right.  🙂  After I glued the first two down I knew I needed more than just a red and a green.  I needed something else.  That’s when I looked at the bowl of ornaments I placed on our table for decoration.  The light bulb went off!  I plucked a blue and some some gold ornament balls.

This is what I ended up with:


Before I called it quits on my first wreath-making-extravaganza, I added a bit of ribbon at the top for hanging.  And then, bam, this is what the final product ended looking like:


Simple?  Yes.  Cheap?  Yes.  Did she like it?  Yes!

What did you get your Secret Santa?

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