Oh, Put a Frame In It!

While on Christmas break we decided to switch up our gallery wall a bit.  It all began with a frame Adam’s mom gave him for Christmas.  

The original gallery wall was made up entirely of white frames.  These frames were ones I had downstairs in our photo trunk or frames my mom picked up for me at various garage sales.  And I while I still really like the gallery wall, it was getting a bit…boring.  Boring.

We have been incorporating more wood tones with our white trimmed house and are loving the results.  Our home feels cozier and warmer.  We did get our closet doors completed, by the way.  I will be sure to post about those babies soon! 



This is a picture of the wall when it was first hung back in the Fall of 2011.  I since added other frames and have changed out pictures.  The only downside was that the picture I had of my mom was the picture we would see as we stepped out the shower.  Adam wasn’t impressed.  I, on the other hand, find it funny.  🙂

So, now here is what our gallery wall now looks like:



The frame closest to the front is the gift frame.  It’s beautiful.  Not just the frame, but the poem the frame it’s surrounding.  The poem is written by Adam’s late grandma.  She wrote shortly after he was brought home over 31 years ago.  There were a lot of tears when it was opened.

Because we didn’t have any wood frames in the house, we took a trip to good ole Hob Lob and took advantage of their 50% off discount.  We ended up with this set up:



We did have to move a few frames around to make sure the new frames would fit.  The new set up is quite nice, if i say so myself.




3 thoughts on “Oh, Put a Frame In It!

  1. schoolhouseshakeup says:

    Thank you, dear Megan! I love it when you blog. Seriously.
    And, yes, that’s EXACTLY why I wasn’t supposed to be there. The next time you’re over you’ll have to read the poem. So incredibly touching how much his grandma love him.

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