Snow Day, Row Day

Rowing has nothing to do with what we did today, but we did have a snow day.  And it was glorious.

This is what our cats did on their day off:



I, however, had a few things I wanted to cross off my list today.  One of them was to hang a new picture in our dining area.



Previously there was a vertical hanging and a shelf of what soon became nick knacks.  That wall was starting to become pretty cluttered looking and I wasn’t much of a fan.  Last Friday Adam and I were at Hobby Lobby looking for some items for a friend’s upcoming baby shower and I saw a canvas picture I thought would be fabulous.  And if I had to be honest, it was me that was looking for a few things for a baby shower.  It wasn’t Adam’s cup of tea…

Lo and behold the print was 50% off!!  But Adam wasn’t surprised.  He says things are always 50% off.  And he’s right.  But that didn’t keep me from being excited about my find.  I love the colors and how they tie everything together in our room.  Adam liked how easy it was to hang.



We, alright, Adam had to pull out a few nails from previous pictures and from the shelf I had hanging in the same spot.  Then it was time to measure for the nails and batta boom batta bing…





The dining area is pulling together quite nicely.  And you know how sometimes it’s all in the details?  The centerpiece on the table?  I like it.  A lot.



But here’s one more picture of the whole sha-bang.  I promise.  It will be the last picture.



And, yes, that is a tub of middle school boys basketball jerseys.  You don’t have any in your dining room?  🙂

Another item on my list of things to do was to use up some leftover bierock meat.  It may or may not have been in our freezer for a littler over for a year.  Trust me, it was still good.  



Something I didn’t know about my husband was that he makes square bierocks.  And here I thought I knew him.



See what I mean?  

And while we were inside being all productive this is what it was doing outside:



The cats decided it would be a good idea to go outside.  We didn’t even attempt to clear the drive knowing it would more than likely drift shut again this afternoon and even this evening.  Shoveling will most definitely be on our list tomorrow.  We have to go back to school sometime  Right?


While you’re stuck inside, what have you been up to?  Any baking or decorating? Or lesson planning? 🙂


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