Before we married in the Spring of 2008, there wasn’t too much discussion on where we would begin our lives together.  There was always the feeling we would end up in our small, rural community.  I am not sure exactly what it was, but it just felt like coming home even though it had never been my home.  We live in a pretty special place.  

That wasn’t any more evident in the last couple weeks when it came time for the middle school basketball tournament.  Our kids are like normal kids.  They make mistakes, they frustrate their teachers, annoy their parents, but through it all, they are loved through and through.  Saturday began the tournament in a town 20 minutes away.  So much better than the 60 plus minute commute we had for last year’s tournament.  At this first tournament it was primarily close friends and family.  In fact, my own family came to support Adam.  Look at these cuties:



My niece wasn’t too fond of the buzzer throughout the game.  She basically made me promise to warn her every time the buzzer would go off so she could cover her ears.  But they weren’t the only supporters, Adam’s parents drove over to watch kids they barely know.



But before this first game of the tournament, the parents of the players organized a breakfast for the players.  And for the first time in five years I was invited.  Again, our community support is great.ImageAfter the first Saturday game, both the boys’ and girls’ teams were able to advance to the Monday game.  Both teams won Monday night and then advanced to the championship game on Thursday.  This was the first time since Adam has been coaching both the boys’ and girls’ teams had advanced.  Pretty exciting!  

And it got a crowd from our community Thursday.


This isn’t even all of the crowd from Thursday night.  Of course there were a lot of people who were immediate family of players.  But there were a lot of people whose only connection was a zip code.  Very neat.

But even cooler was that both of our boys’ and girls’ teams won.  Both.  One game they came back to win, the other game was a nail biter.  Seriously.  My nails were bitten down the cuticles.  





I may have little connection with the kids, but it was so neat to share in their accomplishment. 


For me the coolest part was to see the interactions on the court after the game.  Especially by these two:



ImageSo thank, from a non-native becoming a native.  Thank you for your support.   


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