Keepin’ the Home Fires Lit

When we stepped into our house the first time, I knew this was our home because of the room downstairs.  I fell in love.  With the room, that is.  I was already in love with someone else. 😉  It was large and I could envision us creating it into a room that we would share with family.  





As you can tell, this room needed lots of love.  And it still does.  Even though we’re closer to making this room the family room of our dreams, there are still have a few things to do to accomplish this goal.  

But a few weeks ago, we were able to put a few finishing touches of the fireplace to make it what we have been envisioning.  A few years ago, I painted the brick white to give it a new look.  There was no way I wanted to take the time stripping the paint off of the brick.  Oh, you thought the bricks were that bright red?  I thought so to until I got closer and saw the bricks were painted.  And what I thought was really clean mortar was in fact painted white lines.  Once I painted the brick, it sat like this for 2 1/2 years.




Better, but not only could the fireplace use a bit of ‘styling’, it just needed a bit more love.  I had pinned a few fireplaces inspiration on Pintrest that had horizontal paneling.  The look was really neat, but knowing our paneling wasn’t that bad, I didn’t really want to add extra cost to the project.  We had the primer, paint, and the brushes.  All we needed was the time.

After our spring parent/teacher conferences, I went downstairs and cleared off the mantel and hearth.  When Adam got home from his conferences, he put a coat of primer on before we went to bed.  The next morning the fireplace was ready for another coat of primer before we could put the paint on.



For someone who hates painting, Adam was a great help.



So after two coats of primer and two coats of paint, we have a better looking fireplace.



Before I say the fire place is done, I still have a little list to accomplish:

*add trim around the top and bottom of the fireplace

*clean out the fireplace.  Right now it’s pretty sooty.  

*take out the candle holders and replace it with the log holder (the log holder is currently outside being covered in snow)

*style the mantel

*do something with the conduit.  

So family and friends, hopefully this time next year we’ll be spending time in this room.  Keepin’ those home fires lit!

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