Hanging Memories

A few years ago Adam and I were given a very special gift from a family friend.  



This was a quilt made by his family when he was little.  Maybe it’s because I know I will never be able to make something of this caliber, but I really admire the work that has gone into this piece.  It’s amazing to me to think that someone had enough patience to complete a piece of art like this.  So when it came time to hang the quilt in our spare room, I wanted to make sure it was place where everyone could see it.  The only problem was there was no quilt hanger to use.  

I was hoping I would get a quilt hanger as gift for Christmas.  But Christmas came and went and while I received some really neat gifts, there was no quilt hanger.  Then I looked around for a few months in craft stores thinking they might have a quilt hanger…nope.  Nothing.  Then a few weeks ago I was in our utility room putting a few things away and came across these:



The two pieces come from a towel rod set I bought at discount a few years ago.  I initially thought I would use them for scarf organizing.  I didn’t share it because, well, it didn’t work.  At all.  So down it went in the utility room.  Never to be thrown away.  But when I came across them a few weeks ago I thought I would give them another life.  Towel rod turned quilt hanger.  Boom.  First world problems solved.  

I did a “dry” hang of the quilt to see where I wanted to place it on the wall.  



I knew it would probably look best if it was centered on the wall and would probably look best if it the quilt was high enough to not touch the paneling.  That meant the quilt hanger needed to be hung fairly high on the wall and I needed to enlist the help of my non-vertically challenged partner.  

It was a good thing I enlisted his help due to other reasons one being his hand strength.  I’ll get to that one here in a bit.  Before we could hang it, I laid the quilt out to see how wide it would be.  The towel rod that originally came with the kit wasn’t near the length I needed.  So I headed to our local lumber yard to pick a dowel rod that I thought was the same width.  Folks, there are many reasons why I was (and still am!) attracted to my husband.  First there are his eyes and personality, his caring disposition.  But in this case, it’s his hand strength.  You see, the dowel rod was a bit wider than the original rod.  Which meant I either sand it down a bit or it needed to be pushed into the holders.  



On a side note, I did prime and repaint the holders.  The “HEY I’M RED!” red wasn’t going to do it for me.  

So, Adam did what any caring guy would do.  He impressed his wife by pushing the dowel rod into the holders with nothing but his hands and a bit of help from a rubber mallet.  



Attractive, no? 😉

Once the rod was in, it was time to attach it to the wall.  Adam went out on a limb and chose some heavy duty nails for the project.



Our plan is to have the quilt hanging there for a while.  We don’t want it going anywhere…

A few hits of the hammer and then measuring and leveling, the quilt was hung.





One of our favorite views is from the living room:



Thank you, dear friend, for sharing such invaluable gift with our family.  

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