Sprucing up the schoolhouse

It has been a while since I’ve posted and really I don’t have much of an excuse.  Other than I am losing all track of time.  The other week I was thinking about a few things I wanted to get done at home and thought “no problem, I have Spring break”.  Folks, Spring Break has come and gone.  Where the heck did it go?  And then all of a sudden it is officially Spring.  But someone forgot to tell the Kansas weather about the change.  The temperatures we have had in the last 24 hours have been polar opposites.  Sunday morning I went for a run wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  By Sunday afternoon, I was wearing a coat and had the heat on in the house.  And then we had a light dusting of snow here at the house.  Wha?!

I am getting so antsy to plant my flowers outside, but I don’t want to risk killing them just yet with it still freezing at night.  So a few weeks ago, I decided to update a houseplant here in the house.  On top of the fridge I decided to replace the wreath and bowls with something a bit simpler.  And something that included some green.  So while I was at my favorite plant place, I picked up three terrarium plants and a succulent plant.  I knew I wanted some type of a basket, preferably a wire basket.  The only problem with that idea was I couldn’t find one that would work to sit on top of the fridge.  But while I was picking up my plants, I found a basket that would work perfectly.  The colors, the size, everything. 🙂

The first thing I did was make sure I had everything I needed before I started planting.



There is one item not pictured above.  That item I found on the side of the road.  Yep.  I took full advantage of living just off of a dirt road and used the gravel.  



The first thing I did was lay the plastic down in the bottom of the basket.  I made sure the plastic reached the sides of the basket.  While the weave is somewhat tight, there is enough space that I didn’t want to risk dirt coming through.  Some of you may recognize where the plastic came from.  I couldn’t resist using it since I already had it.  All I needed to do was pluck it from the car trunk.



I then took a few handfuls of gravel.  The purpose of the gravel is to create drainage for when I water the plants.  Don’t worry, I did clean out the various Evergreen needles.  I do try to keep it classy.

The next step was to fill the basket with potting soil.  I made sure to use a potting soil that would drain well which is especially important in a basket planter.  



Before I planted the plants, I set the potted plants to make sure i like the placement.  And I did.  A lot.  So in they went.



And this is what I ended up with.  While you can see the white plastic from this angle, I knew once it was up on the fridge you wouldn’t be able to see it.  I did leave a bit of space between the plants for when the plants begin to fill out.  



And this is what it looks on top of the fridge.  It doesn’t look like much (in fact, the little green plant hanging out of the basket looks like it wants to die), but already it has begun to fill out pretty well.  

Now it’s just a waiting game for when it won’t freeze at night so I can spruce up a few things outside.  I’m stubborn enough I think I can wait it out.  Maybe.  

Any one else “sprucing” things up out there? 🙂

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