Easter 2014

This next week is going to a bit crazy for me.  I agreed to work three evenings (3:45- 8:00) this week at Stone Creek and am already feeling a bit overwhelmed.  So, in an effort to send positive vibes my way, I wanted to recap a really fun Easter weekend we had with family.

Easter Sunday started with meeting my mom, grandma, brother, sister-in-law, and niece & nephew at our church.  It was adorable to walk into the sanctuary and see all of them sitting in a pew with big smiles on their faces.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love family?  One of my favorite things during the service was having our niece ask me if the choir members were angels.  I quickly responded that they were.

After the Easter service, we all headed back to our house.  Earlier in the morning, Adam and I had set up a “burger bar” for the noon meal.  The only thing we needed to do when we got home was set out the toppings, microwave bacon, and grill the burgers.  I didn’t get any pictures of the set up, but our kitchen counter was quickly converted into a buffet.  Both Adam and deemed our table too small to have plates and food on it, so this was the next best thing.  

Once everyone had gone through the line, we sat at the table and talked.  Our nephew slept pretty much the entire afternoon.  This allowed my mom and I some quality cuddle time.  





While Erik was here, I perfected how to get him to sleep.  This child is hilarious.  I could do all the bouncing, sweet talking, etc. but the thing that put him to sleep was to swing him from side to side. And I mean swing.  From opposite end of my body to the other. I should have gotten a picture of it.  I am sure if someone to watch what I was doing they would be sure I was going to drop him.  I “swung” him for maybe 5-7 minutes and he.  Was.  Out.  

After some desert, Sof deemed it was time for an egg hunt.  The weather had been a bit dreary and rain was forecasted for the afternoon.  When it was time for the egg hunt, it was sprinkling just a bit, but not enough to get you wet.  My brother and Adam went outside to hunt eggs while Sof played with a few blocks inside.  Then it was “go time”!





Pure joy.



While I was having quality time with Erik, Adam decided to do a bit of candid photography.  Thank goodness I decided to not pick my nose…

He did however catch a few sides of my grandma she rarely shows people…



This is her “Sofie, you just walked over the egg” face.



This is my grandma just enjoying life.  



And this one.  It’s just plain my favorite.  🙂

I love that people enjoy being at our house.  And I enjoy it when they come out.



Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed! I hope you experienced a wonderful Easter holiday!

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