This morning while getting ready I had the Rachel Ray show on.  While trying to finish getting ready so I could run some errands, I overheard her say “You don’t have to be rich to have a rich life.”  I couldn’t agree more with that quote.  While we don’t have a lot in terms of material goods, we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to friends and family.  And even though we don’t have a lot of money laying around our humble school house, we do use it to make our place feel like a million bucks.

One way that I feel “rich” is to have a yard with nice landscaping.  This past weekend we hosted our Sunday school group for a potluck meal.  While looking around the yard to make sure we had a decent spot for our social gathering, I saw a bush that had unfortunately met its demise.  



A few years ago I transplanted a forsythia to this spot in our south flowerbed.  It did really well for a few months and then…died.  And there it sat.  For over a year.  

Knowing I wanted to replace it with something that was a bit more alive, I stopped by my favorite nursery to find something that would fit my bill.  And I found this beauty.



Strawberries and Cream Ribbon Grass to my rescue.  Holla!  I have gotten a lot better about reading the tags on nursery items to make sure it will thrive in the spot I want to put it.  This one said it would pair well with roses and needed full sun.  Heck.  Yes.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Because I wanted to plant the grass in the spot of the expired forsythia, I knew the soil wasn’t necessarily prime.  Soil activator came to my rescue.  I poured a bit in and mixed it in with the soil.  Dana, if you’re reading this, I found a spider in the bottom of the hole.  I about screamed and seriously thought about using my spade to mix the rest of it.  But I put on my big girl pants and finished the job.  I thought you would be proud.  🙂




Next came the placing of the new plant.  



In just a few short years, the roses and grass will hide the ugly utilities on this side of the house.  🙂

Something else that I worked on before our company arrived was sprucing up our chicken coop.  At least phase 1 of our “chicken coop sprucing”.  This past Spring I scraped three of the sides to prepare for a few coats of primer.  I hadn’t had time to prime before this week (more on that later), so it was high time something was done about its appearance.  



This is after one coat of primer.  I have since painted another coat and it looks so much better!  Also, I need to work on my photography skills.  While I feel like I’m mastering the manual part of my camera, apparently my “leveling” needs a bit of work.  If you’re concerned about the state of our building, it’s fine.  Really.  But if you don’t believe I think maybe the next picture will help relieve your fears.



 See how good I am? 🙂

We have plans for the chicken coop this summer.  One of them being painting it a color other than red.  I will have more info on that in tomorrow’s post.  Adam wants to replace the floor with particle board and I want to organize it so that all of our yard tools (the mower is included in this) fit in this building.  It looks small but, but it’s fierce, I mean, er, big.  

What have you been shakin’ up to?  Any fears you have overcome in the name of lawn beautification?  


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