It’s ‘Bout Time!!

The end of this summer should see the finished product of a project we have been waiting a long time to accomplish.  Adding a second bathroom and a third bedroom to our humble abode!  Even though there are only two of us living in this house along with two eccentric cats, a second bathroom would have been handy fairly often.  Thank goodness we live in the country and can use the good ole outdoors when necessary. A-hem.  

With our house’s original intent to be a school, there is a raised platform area in the basement.  Over the years it’s been a junk room, an “office space”, and then a place that only houses on of our freezer.  It’s a bit pathetic and it’s time to get this bad boy whipped into shape! 


A few months ago, we had an architect friend come over and take a few measurements of the space.  Before he came out, Adam and I discussed what we wanted and how we thought the plan of adding a bedroom and bathroom would go.  It was so nice to have a professional’s help with something like this.  He gave us insight on things that we probably would have had to learn the hard way.  

This is the drawing of what it will look like:



I tried to scan the document, but our scanner decided to be a bit temperamental.  I opted for the classy option and took a picture of it.  🙂

Our hope is that a local construction group can come out by the end of the summer to do everything we don’t want to do/can’t do because of our skill set.  This includes:



*ripping into the concrete floor to access plumbing

*dirt work around the foundation to install an egress window

*installing said egress window

What we are planning to do on our own at this point is to:

*install vanity in bathroom

*install tile


*add trim

For some reason I have it in my head that everything will be done by the time we had back to school.  Not sure why, but a girl can dream, right?

It may be quite a few months away, but while shopping with my mom I came across some really neat bathroom accessories I couldn’t pass up.  



I found a really neat toilet paper holder (who would’ve thought anyone would ever type that sentence?), cup holder, and toothbrush holder.  Whenever I see a toothbrush holder like this it always reminds me of my grandma’s bathroom when I was growing up.  Sentimental much?  🙂




The upper set of white things is a towel bar.  There was a dowel rod that came with it that I’m pretty certain I’ll replace.  The bottom two complete a towel bar.  However, my plan is to use them as a towel hook.  

If I were to be honest, we don’t even have a paint color picked out.  So it was pretty gutsy of me to buy these without 

a.)  consulting Adam

b.)  not really knowing what kind of color we want in the bathroom

As you can tell in the plans above, there won’t be a window in the bathroom.  Which means I’m going to have to do everything I can to keep things nice and airy.  And that probably means a light paint color.

While I was picking out a few colors for the chicken coop, I went ahead and picked up some color options for the bathroom as well.  I am definitely not sold on any of them, but what do you think?  



This journey is far from over, so stayed tune to see how this venture turns out!  

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