Gettin’ Those Moody Blues

I couldn’t take it.  Not one more day.  Once my feet hit the floor this morning as I got out of bed, I knew today would be the day when I bit the bullet and  buy paint for the chicken coop.

And I did.  Before I could change my mind, I went to our local hardware store and told Deb what I wanted.  And this is what she mixed for me:



Oh, the can doesn’t tell you much?  How about this angle?  🙂



Normally, I don’t make decisions without really thinking it through first.  However, when I saw this color it seemed like everything fell into place.  So, this afternoon while Adam was at work, I painted the first coat.  As soon as it went on it was like…magic.  (That was a Sleepless In Seattle reference in case you were wondering…)


It needs at least two more coats, but I’m liking it where it’s going.  And don’t worry. I didn’t forget to paint that area under the window.  We have a special guest living under our window.


Is that not cool?!  My hope is that I’ll be able to take pictures of it as it develops for my first graders.

Oh, and on another note, this is happening not even a quarter of a mile from our house:Image

I really love this time of year!

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