Desk Organizer Turned Bag Hoarder

You would think with the whole teaching thing I would have desk organization down.  Well, then, you would be wrong.  At least when it comes to the desk in our spare room.  It was looking a bit chaotic.



And the mess even continued to the floor.



The mess was getting a bit out of hand.  Over the last few weeks I have had video conferences and, rather than putting things away or dealing with the mess, I would shove it out of the sight of the computer camera.  Keepin’ it real, folks.  So it was time to do something about the chaotic-ness.

The first thing I did was to completely clear it off and place the items in piles on the spare bed.



Sandy was ashamed over the clutter.  I can’t blame the gal.



Now that I was dealing with a clean slate, I could organize this area that would helpful to both Adam and I.  Adam also uses this space quite a bit during the school year when he is creating EduCreations for his kids.  From what I could tell he needs a bit of space to lay out books and then a space for his iPad.  That is when I came up with this layout.



Mind blowing, right?  You can go ahead and pin it under extraordinary desk organization. 🙂  But, in case you were wondering, I wasn’t done yet.  My mom has this incredible knack of finding really cool objects, buying them, and giving them to me.  One of them is that cute little cork board on the right side of the computer.  I think she said she picked it up for $12 at Kohl’s.  It was originally $30.  I don’t think so.

I had been hesitant to nail anything in the paneling for quite a while.  Why?  I have no idea.  But, I figured if I changed my mind in the near future I could just put some filler in and paint over it.  When I knew where I wanted it, I placed a piece of washi tape in the area I wanted it and drew the dot where the nail needed to go.


 I did use a pretty manly hammer to place the nail.  



Gotta love those Christmas stocking gifts.  🙂  One time Adam got a fish comb.  It was hilarious.  

But, back to the desk organizing.  

I wasn’t done yet.  One of the problems was that the pencils and pens were taking up too much space as well as the office supplies.  So my solution was to go “up” with this storage.  Insert another cool gift from my mom.  A glass towel rod. 

Originally, I thought I would use it for a quilt hanger.  But the rod is a bit on the small side, so that idea was nixed and it was put back in storage awaiting the day when it would realize it’s full potential.  And that full potential is office supply organization.  I didn’t take any pictures of installing this pretty little gem because nailing it in was intense.  The flower hammer didn’t work for this job.  I had to get out the big mamma hamma.  

This is what I ended up with:



Adorable, no?  I picked up the pails from the dollar spot at Target for well, you guessed it, a dollar.  Initially I thought I would use S hooks I bought at the hardware store to hang the pails.  But, after two trips and not any of the two sizes I bought working (even after I bought the biggest ones), I decided to change my game plan and use some burlap ribbon I had on hand.  It is a happy accident, in my opinion, because of the red that ties in the lamp shade and the burlap that ties in both lampshades.  

Once the towel bar was up and the piles were put away, I/we were left with this:



I am happy to say that it has stayed relatively picked up. But now that the desk is organized I’m noticing that I’m a bag hoarder.  The first step is admitting, right?  My next step will be hanging some hooks to hopefully eliminate the random bags wanting to hang out on the floor.  

Anyone else organizing desks this summer?  And, just so you know, I went in to school to yesterday and moved some furniture around.  Where is this summer going? 🙂

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