Basement Update

Last week I spent a week out at camp cooking.  It was glorious.  Fun. And tiring.  But I was ready to come home to a mess.  I know, it’s weird, but it meant that our egress window had been installed and the concrete floor had been cut into to prepare for the bathroom’s plumbing.  Can I get a woot, woot?!

Without further a do, here are some pics from the past week.  



The first day they dug out a bit of our lavender bush to make room for the big gaping hole that was needed to install the egress window.  

That big gaping hole also allows a lot of natural light to flood the basement.  This light is awesome!  Almost as awesome as the window.  🙂  


Speaking of which, here is what the window looks like:





In this picture the wood forms are still on, but since then they have been removed and the window well looks great!  Unfortunately, Adam didn’t tell me that they had removed the pipe that takes the water away from the house when I’m doing laundry.  (You can see the pipe sticking out from the side of the house above)  After doing four loads of laundry when I got home, I went outside to water a few plants and noticed our window well had turned into a bit of a kiddie pool.  Whoops!  

Now moving inside the house!

The concrete floor was cut into and prepped for plumbing.  The longer portion of the cut will be where the sink vanity and toilet will be placed.  The shorter cut will be where the shower stall be plumbed in.  To say that we’re excited about the process is an understatement.  While we have talked about measurements and more measurements, it’s great to really ‘see’ how big this second bathroom will be in the basement.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, the wall of the of the bathroom will be placed right on the edge of the cut concrete.  It won’t be a terribly large bathroom, but it will a decent size for a basement bathroom.  




Right now the double lighting is on a series circuit.  See, I did learn something from my honors high school physics class!  This type of lighting will have to be switched because one light will be in the bathroom while the other will be in the bedroom.  I don’t know about you, but I would hate to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and have to wake up Adam in the bedroom just because I need the light on.  That wouldn’t be awkward or anything…

So last week, they ripped out some of the ceiling to begin this process.  They will eventually rip out the rest of the ceiling to be able to put some of the plumbing higher up in the ceiling.  When we had our heating system and duct work replaced three years ago, our HVAC guy was extremely careful to not disturb the ceiling.  At that point, we had no idea a basement renovation would be in the works.  Whoops.  Sorry Dan!  


I apologize for the blurry pic.  I took this picture when it was fairly dark down there and since I don’t have a tripod (hint, hint, babe), I had to rely on holding the camera really still.  It appears I have a bit of a shake.  And no, mom, it isn’t because I don’t drink milk.  😉 I eat plenty of ice cream to make up for that fact.  That works, no?

Before I headed upstairs I noticed this interesting package.  


At first I thought it was smiling at me until I read the label.  It’s part of our septic lift kit.  Hubba, hubba!  If I were to guess what is next on their list, I think it will be to finish off the lift kit.  This lift kit will be located in our utility room along with our HVAC unit and water heater.  The original thought would be that there would be room made in the bathroom.  I wasn’t too excited about that because it would take valuable space from the room.  Thankfully our local plumber made the suggestion that it be moved to our utility room.  Gotta love those problem solvers!  

It will be exciting to see what progress will be made this week!  Right now our house is a hot mess.  Everything that was in the family room is in our spare bedroom upstairs.  Our counters and floors are coated with a fine layer of concrete dust.  And I couldn’t be happier!

What all have you been up to the past week!  Any messes you need to clean up?  🙂


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