Chicken Coop aka Garden Shed of the Millenium










What?  You thought it was only our house that was a mess?  Then I guess I haven’t shown you recent pictures of the south side of our yard.  Because then you would see this glorious sight mess!


 You see the porch lights on top of the little white table?  Those used to be the ceiling lights in our house.  And, yes, they are in fact old porch lights.  Can I get a HIGH CLASS?!  A lot of this stuff is stuff we have been holding on to for quite some time.  Basically just shoving it into the building until we can deal with it later.  You know like the old Science Hall windows from our alma mater, the really cool gardening bench I got for Adam as a wedding anniversary present, landscape bricks, and gobs and GOBS of plastic pots.  We may have an issue with those little suckers.  

Once everything was out though, that meant we could get to work on the inside of this little beauty.  

DSC_0790This picture shows why we called it our “Chicken Coop”.  Only because of the roosts.  That’s it.  And the junk that’s in the shelves?  That isn’t ours; in fact, that’s from the previous owners.  Who knows how long it’s been in there.  

To prepare for the demo of the floor boards, Adam used a crowbar to rip the roosts off the wall.

DSC_0796And then gently laid them out in the yard.  We’re not sure what we’re going to do with them yet.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!  🙂

Once we had all of our junk stuff out of the building, we ripped out the floor to turn out attention to the door on the east side.  Our intention with this opening is to have a space wide enough for the mower.  You may have noticed in previous pictures I hadn’t painted all of the wall on this side.  I figured I would wait to see how much we needed to cut off, before I wasted paint on something that would eventually be cut off.  Frugal Mennonite?  Yes, ma’am.  

This part was fun to watch.  I wish I could have set my camera down and it still take pictures because I really wanted to help not only with the cutting, but also with the whacking down of the wall.  





He looks so handsome, no?  Something about a hubby with a power tool.  Hubba, hubba!

Once all the cuts were made, it came time for the whacking.  Whacking of the wall I mean. 








So with the official part of the building that gave it it’s name gone and a wider door, we were ready to tackle another part of this building; the floor.






As you can see, the flooring had seen better days.  For the last six years we have stepped inside gingerly making sure we weren’t going to be getting a floor board to the calf.  The floorboards also became a sort of teeter-totter too.  Probably not the most popular toy on the playground… 🙂

Once we had these bad boys ripped out, Adam and a few friends reinforced the floor supports and then began laying down OSB. 

DSC_0847Why yes.  That is an ornate floor lamp in there.  As always, keepin’ it real, folks.  🙂

This stage is almost done.  It would have been completed last night if we didn’t have to deal with a water pressure issue.  Little water pressure in the kitchen sink and then almost nothing in the bathroom.  Construction has been going really well in our basement until we realized there wasn’t enough pressure to even take a decent shower.  Whoops!

On a side note, it seems like we’re always finding really weird stuff around our property.  For instance, I found a pair of old whitey-tighties in a window well I was cleaning out a few years ago.  In the chicken coop we found an old beer can and an orange peel.  Snack of champions.  


The next step of this project is to finish laying down the floor and then taking a look at what we want to do for the door.  In my mind I have always thought a sliding door would be really cool.  Then when the floorboards came out and some of them were still in good shape, I had a thought.  For those of you that know me, this could be pretty dangerous.  This time I thought it was really cool.  We’re going to be attempting to make our sliding door out of these floor boards.  

Saves us money?  YES!

Upcycling some cool wood?  YES!

Having an idea my husband didn’t shut down?  YES!

So, what do you think?  I was thinking the roosts could be pretty cool for garden shed storage.  At one point we thought about taking apart the roosts until we realized it is all one solid unit.  Any other ideas for the roosts?  I would love to hear from you!


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