Action Ms. Jackson

That’s what I’m calling our house right now.  And that’s because of the vehicles parked in our yard.


Along with the stuff in the yard from the chicken coop, our house is getting a lot of action.  EEEE…Oh, and if things weren’t chaotic enough, we were told this week that we’ll have to replace our roof.  Last Spring there was a hail storm that lasted all of 10 minutes that left us with hail damage on the south side of the house.  I thought the damage was isolated to this location only.  Nope.

But back to our current project.  Today the electrician came out.  The ELECTRICIAN!!  That means are rooms are becoming more and more real everyday.  But don’t you think when the plumber came out and the framing went up along with insulation I would have been excited?  Yes.  Yes, I was and still am.

The last I time I shared an update with you the only thing to report was the cut in the concrete and the egress window:



Exciting stuff, but I have even more exciting pictures to show you.  You know, if you’re into cool pictures of our basement.  🙂

DSC_0935Do you see what I see?  Said the little drummer boy.  Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t either.  So, I added labels for you.

Publication1Makes it a little better I hope.  When you walk down the stairs and turn to your right you will first walk into the hallway on the stage area.  In the hallway you will be able to either go straight into the bedroom or turn left and go into the bathroom.  There should be a bit of space in the hallway for shelving that we will use as a linen closet.

But, let’s take this party to the bedroom for a bit. 😉  Huzzah!

Publication2From this angle you can see a better angle of the linen closet I am talking about. The nook that you see will be where our chest of drawers will go.  We have asked the electrician to install a puck light in that area so as to lighten up what could be a dark area in the room.  While you were looking over there did you happen to see the size of the closet?

Publication3Um.  I may be a bit excited about this space.  Our current closet is fairly comparable, but we lose a lot of usage due to the height.  With this closet we’ll be able to use it pretty efficiently.

All of the walls will be firred and dry walled to finish them out.  This will be a different look from the poured concrete walls we have been accustomed to over the last five years.  And we’re just fine with that.

The bathroom is shaping up quite well.  It doesn’t quite have the look of a complete bathroom just yet, but it’s getting there.

Publication1See what I mean?  We have ordered our shower and have a wait time of 3-4 weeks.  Yep.  You read that right.  A lot of the finish work will have to wait until it’s installed.  Which kind of stinks, but it allows us to really think through final decisions for the space.

One of the decisions we need to make is the height of the vanity.  For some reason I am a bit indecisive on this decision.  Every other decision I have been able to make fairly easily.

How many lights in the bedroom?


Should we bump the nook wall out a few inches to accommodate our dresser?

Yes.  Do it!

Should we fir the rest of the walls in the bedroom besides the new walls?


What height do you want for the vanity?

Uh.  Um.  I don’t know.

So, my question for you is how tall should we make the vanity?  Right now our two options are 32″ or 34″.  I’m thinking of the taller option for Adam’s sake.  Should we make it taller?

Did you notice the chicken coop at the top left of the picture at the beginning of this post?  Be sure to visit later in the week to see what kind of updates Adam has done this week.  We are both very excited about its progress!








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