Mary and Martha

With the construction going on downstairs, I was going a bit stir crazy with not be able to clean let alone decorate the space.  Thank goodness sweet Stephanie called to let me know my Mary and Martha order came in this past Monday.  Whew.  With these new products I could update a few things upstairs while the downstairs continues to be a wreck.  

A few weeks ago I ordered a few products from their line. 


“Hope” jar which I believe is now discontinued.  Bummer.  But, you can find it at our house holding coneflowers.  🙂

DSC_0029Gather sign.  This gem isn’t going to get hung until the basement is finished.  I loved the wording along with the colors.  Can’t wait to have it welcome friends and family into our new space!

DSC_0027Chalkboard Tray.  I think I’m most excited about this product though.  From the picture it doesn’t look like it would be that large, but it’s a big.  And I like it.  A lot.  If you can’t read the wording along the right side of the chalkboard, here’s a closer look:

DSC_0028“Give thanks to the Lord for His goodness.”

And that I will continue to do.

I have seen this tray in numerous homes around our community and love it.  It is a pretty versatile piece.  You can leave it on a table and use it as a tray, place is on an easel, or hang it on a wall.  I did the latter.

There was an area above our bookcase in our living room that was a bit sparse.  As in the little framed picture wasn’t getting the job done.  See?

DSC_0023I do have a few canvas pieces that I hang in that spot during the Holidays, but the rest of the year hangs the small frame.  I originally had it downstairs in our basement, but thought it might work upstairs.  It doesn’t.  No matter what I said to myself.

But the new tray most definitely works. 🙂


DSC_0059The last thing I need to do before I officially consider it done is prep it with chalk so I can write little blessings on it.  

Is there anything you’ve been shaking up around your house?  

Oh, in case you were wondering, the messes keep coming around here.  This afternoon our dear plumber has been working really hard on cleaning up some water lines that run between the upstairs bathroom and laundry room.  

DSC_0062I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  


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