Shut. The. Front. Door.

Or in our case the basement door.  Because after living in our house for six years, we can now open and close it.  



Right now it’s not painted.  When I ordered it, I didn’t have (and still don’t for that matter) an idea as to what color I want the exterior color to be.  Plus, I wasn’t a huge fan of the color options.  Poop brown?  No thanks.  I thought the style of the door matched the whole “I’m a schoolhouse, but people don’t really believe me until they see the downstairs and the upstairs windows”.  And I really like how the window will let in a large amount of natural light.  We don’t want to be reminded we are watching tv/grading papers/lesson planning in a basement.  Rather, we are doing all of those things in one amazing room that gives us a lot of joy.  🙂

I can’t explain how excited we are to have a functioning door in the basement.  Our previous door, while original to the building, was literally glued shut.  To be more precise, glued shut.  Even if we wanted to have access to the door, we probably would have broken the door in the process.  But now…we have a door with a window.  And a door handle.  With a lock.  Whew!!  

DSC_0087The door handle matches the handles we have on our upstairs doors.  One of these years, our exterior doors will all match.  But until then we’ll stick with the door handles.  Baby steps, folks.

 Our construction guys should be out fairly soon (they’re waiting on our shower base to come in), so the door should be trimmed before we head back to school.  And the walls should be sheetrocked and the remainder of the project fairly finished.  

Another door that we can almost officially cross off of our list are the doors to the “chicken coop”.  Remember when I left you hanging (pun INtended) with this picture?

DSC_0827I have since painted the white strip and the eaves and the windows have been installed.  And last night, dear, dear Adam put the doors on.  So the building now looks like this:

DSC_0078There was most definitely a huge sigh of relief when we realized the barn track was going to hold the door.  The door is heavier than it looks!  And if the planks look familiar, they should because they’re the original floor planks.  There were enough salvageable planks that we could save a bit of money and upcycle some neat wood.  

There is a bit more work for the door, that includes installing a door roller trap like this.  As you can see in the picture there is a bit of a gap on the bottom due to the heaviness of the door.  This piece of hardware should help the gap and also help prevent a big south wind from ripping the door off in a storm.  I would probably cry if that were to happen after all the work that went into getting that sucker built and hung.


We also built a door for the south side as well.  There is a smaller door opening on that side that is used sometimes by not a lot.  But we still felt that it warranted a door.  Because, you know, it might get jealous of Big Brute on the front of the shed.  

DSC_0080The “to-do list” is still running (I better go catch it, right?! HA!!) which includes scrapping and painting this side.  Did you see Adam’s windows?  We were given the windows from our alma mater a few years ago and they fit perfectly for this space.  Plus the style of the windows goes really well with the simplicity of the building.  Because, you know, fancy stain glass chicken coop windows just don’t look good on a simple builiding.  😉

And if you’re worried about security, you shouldn’t be.  We’ve wired the place with an electric fence and have ADT coming out tomorrow to set up cameras.  Not really, but Adam did install latches on the windows and doors to help us keep it a bit more secure than it was before.  Not “Fort Knox” secure, but enough, that we or our neighbors could tell something was going on before it was too late.  

Remember the roosting box?  

DSC_0790It’s going to be put back inside the building.  I didn’t want to let it go.  It’s just too neat.  Once all the junk has been cleared out, we’ll use it as storage for our tools, chemicals, etc.

If you’re at all interested in how we built the door, just let me know.  They were pretty simple and actually fun to put together.  Mainly because I was able to use a power tool without stripping the screws.  That’s always a good thing, right?  🙂

Oh, and I had to leave you with a picture of one of our buddies who wanted to lend a helping paw.








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