A Schoolhouse Shake Up SHAKE UP!!

This past weekend I put on my big girl pants and decided to begin to make a few changes to the ol’ blog.  

The first thing you may have noticed is the appearance.  The more I posted, the more I realized how much I didn’t like the chevron.  I tried to make it work.  But… I couldn’t.  It was just too messy looking and cluttered.  When I came across this style I instantly liked it.  

It’s clean.  It’s classy.


And I like it!!

Over the next few days I plan on adding pictures of our house and figuring out why pictures from posts don’t show up in the preview.  

You may have noticed a few additions as well!

Publication1There is also a link to follow me on Facebook.  I am hoping to add a link to Pintrest this week as well.  

Any one else as excited as me for these changes?  Probably not, but I am so PUMPED!  🙂 

Be sure to come back later in the week.  The “garden shed of the millennium” is getting organized!




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