The “Chickens” Have Roosted

Today was just too nice to not be outside.  So I made sure that most of the things I had on my to-do list were things outside.  This included the chicken coop.  The last time I left you with this project we had just built the doors and hung them.  The outside looked a bit…well…like a tornado came through.

DSC_0789The mess stayed this way for quite a few weeks until today.  That’s when this mess was put back together again.  Humpty Dumpty would be proud.  🙂

Now that the doors are done we felt like it was time for things to go back in to the shed.  This past weekend Adam and I moved the garden bench (you can see it in the foreground of the picture above), then hung the chicken roosts above the bench.

A quick side note:

Thank you to everyone who commented on ideas or suggestions!  It was so cool to see what people thought I could do with them. I might be on the lookout for some roosts to do other projects with.  As we cleaned out the junk in the roosts, there was a fairly strong smell of decomposing chicken poop.  I am pretty sure it’s been a while since this bad boy has been in operation and they hadn’t been cleaned out for years.  I was a bit insistent that after we hose them out we wipe them down with bleach.  You know, because I don’t like chicken poop.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any bleach, but we do have color safe bleach.  I made this work.  🙂

Ok.  Back to the organization part.  

After we had moved the things in, the inside looked like this:

DSC_0259Not bad, but the garden bench just had stuff everywhere.  And I knew if this was the first thing I saw it would drive me crazy.  So I took it from the picture above to this:

Garden Shed Diagram

I felt I had worked hard enough that I let myself have a bowl of chocolate ice cream after dinner. The metal baskets I have on the bottom shelf I found at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I’m pretty sure they’re meant for interior use only, but my thought is that the baskets will only be used inside it should work out alright.  The pink and white tubs are plastic.  I found these gems in the dollar spot at Target.


I didn’t feel like I was quite done after I had gone through plastic pots and tubs inside, so I focused a bit of my attention to the outside.  We have a concrete pad just to the south of the coop.  This has been covered with pine needles, leaves, and the occasional limb from our south tree row.  So, I swept and set up a few chairs and leftover windows along with a potted geranium.


We still have shovels and rakes to hang.  Any unique suggestions for these tools?  You all are so dang creative!!





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