New Shower Curtain

The mudding and sanding should be completed in our basement today.  As in when we come home from school we can begin priming our new walls so we can paint them this weekend.  Can I get an amen?  Hallelujah!

When choosing paint colors, we wanted to make sure the colors we chose would coordinate with the other colors in the rest of the house.  In the bathroom we chose to go with a lighter green version of the color we have in our upstairs bathroom.  In my head, I was thinking that it would be neat to have a similar color to help tie in both spaces.  But, with as small as our basement bathroom is, we didn’t want the color to be as dark.  

With the color determined, we were then able to pick out our accessories.  I shared with you earlier in the week our toilet (glorious toilet!) and sink faucet, as well our tile choice and vanity light.  What I didn’t share with you was our shower curtain.  Why?  I don’t know other than I could have been nervous about sharing it.  For me it’s a bit bold.  But Adam and I really like it.  Like, really like it.  Then I read in the September of Better Homes and Garden issue a quote from Nate Berkus.  You know, the darling, cute, ultra stylish Nate Berkus?  He said “Decorating isn’t an instant pastime or a quick fix– you need to go out and search for things you really love and fill your home with objects that have meaning to you.  Great style is achievable on any budget.”  I really like our new shower curtain.  A lot.  So, what the heck.

Here it is…



What does it look like with our new paint color?  Glad you asked!  🙂

DSC_0487I’m not sure why I like the combo so much, but I do.  It feels good.  And I think it looks good, too.  And when it is paired with other elements from the bathroom, it makes me like it even more.  



(The paint color in this picture is a bit off.  I took this picture at night and had to turn my ISO up to keep the tile from looking really cream.)

So, there you have it.  Our plan for our basement bathroom (by the way, try to say that three times fast).  Should I go with a bold pattern hand towel? Or keep it simple?  Any one else make bold decisions and feel good about them afterwards?  

Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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