The Short List on the Bathroom

Most of last week was spent hoping that we would have a finished basement to show you.  But, alas, I can’t.  Not yet.  But what I can show you are a few pictures of things we were able to accomplish while waiting for our construction guys to come back out and put the finishing touches on the project.

Sunday evening was spent painting trim.

All of it.

We painted two coats of primer and another two coats of paint.


And we even painted this wonky piece.  It was a bit awkward to paint…


On Sunday morning Adam had just gotten in from a quick trip to California and we both decided that it would be a good idea to make sure all of these pieces were ready to go when the construction guys could come back.  So, we put on our big adult pants and knocked it out.  All of it.  After Adam took a nap.


But, when you are painting with someone like him, cleaning out a septic tank would be fun.  Imagine the jokes!  🙂

On Monday, I/we directed our attention to the basement.  Why?  Because our counter top and toilet had been installed!  Once the plumber bill is paid, we our officially done with the plumbing.  Sniff, sniff.  We have really enjoyed working with them.  Great communication, great to work with, and very reliable.  If you need a plumber, let us know.  We would gladly recommend them.  But, for some of you, you don’t need that information.

So….. on to the pictures!





With limited space in our second bathroom, we planned for the shelves to be situated in an, otherwise, unused space.  The plan for now is to use them for towel and other bathroom storage.  The challenge will be to keep them from looking cluttered.  Wish me luck.



We have had this mirror for the last six years.  We briefly thought about having a medicine cabinet installed, but when the sink location was moved from a studded wall to the cinder block wall, that thought went out the window.  Wanting to keep costs low (please read, not spend any more money than we had to), I shopped our house and decided this mirror would be the winner.

DSC_0592What do you think? 🙂

While this project is wrapping up, our to-do list is getting shorter.

*Paint interior doors

*Install knobs (bathroom counter, door knobs, closet)

*Install trim

*Vacuum floors and dust surfaces

*Install shower rod and shower curtain

*Move bedroom furniture to new room

Shorter list = big smiles on our faces.  

Friends and family, we can’t wait for you to be able to come and share our excitement!  We will definitely have a showcase here on the blog, but would love to share our excitement with you in person eventually.


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