The School House Switch-A-Roo

The last time I left you with a basement update, the bathroom looked like this:


A bit rough and in need of a “homey” touch.

This past weekend, Adam and I moved a ton of stuff around the house.  All of the stuff that was in our guest room was moved out so we could get the guest bed moved into our new guest bedroom.  Among all the stuff was a lot of my decoration items.  Which meant I could take the bathroom from blah to bla-mazing!

And while we are at it, we also hung a few pictures up in our bedroom and did a few tweaks.  Here’s a peak:




I am still on the lookout for a new comforter.  Something with navy blue in it.  Kind of like this.

We are really enjoying our new bedroom!  So comfy, so cozy, so clean.. so new!

Oh, yeah.  Back to the bathroom.  (That darn bedroom gets me every time 🙂 )  It looks quite a bit different from the original picture.  Which, in my opinion, is a good thing.  A really good thing.  Here’s what we are living with now:


There are a few things on the bathroom to-do list which include:

*storage baskets for the shelf

*lengthen the fabric shower curtain

Unless I wanted to spend over a $100 on a shower curtain, I couldn’t get one that was long enough for where we wanted to hang the rod.  So, I have to alter this one.  And I have a plan!  Be on the lookout for a blog post soon.

With our items moved around, that meant we were able to put things where they will stay.  No more moving around!

DSC_0032Our closet storage now holds ALL of our sheets and quilts.  Every last one of ’em.

The family room needs a lot of organization, but I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

DSC_0021Cluttered?  Yes.  Is everything down here the room needs?  Yes.  One of these weekends I’ll get to it.

DSC_0022Here’s another view of the family room.  My inspiration came from this post.  Once I have things in place, I think it will look a lot better.  Right now it looks really weird.  I also want to do a paint job like this from Bower Power on the buffet.  You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s in bad shape.  We bought if off of Craigslist almost two years ago on the cheap.  And there’s a reason why it was cheap.  If ya know what I mean… 😉

Going back upstairs, our old guest bedroom looks really well put together.


I’m surprised we don’t have more people who want to stay the night.  Hmmmm…. On the other hand, our new guest bedroom looks like this:


I am on the search for a night stand.  There was one of the Wal Mart sight I have my eye on, but I’m going to look a bit more before I really settle on something.  The mud marks are from where we took down the window that hung above our bed.  I’m not sure where it will go next, but it wouldn’t fit above the bed anymore so down it went.

So, there ya have it!  Our big switch-a-roo around our school house.  What do you think about our family room?  Any suggestions on how we can make our guest room more “guest friendly”?


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