Sheddin’ Some Light

What were we shedding light on?  This light.  To be more specific, this ugly light.


For the last six years this light has been what we used to light up our drive.  Every time I drove in to the yard I would think I really need to get on that.  But there were always things that took precedent.  You know, like, school.  But a few weekends ago on a trip to a local to a antique store, I came across this beaut.

DSC_0006The shade that is.  I looked online for a bit, but became pretty discouraged when I saw outdoor light fixtures going for close to $200.  With the shade’s cost of $45 and the hardware store charging $60 for the parts (conduit, wiring, plus labor), I think I was able to get the better end of the deal.  A cost that was easier on my wallet.

Enlisting the help of Adam, we were able to take down the old fixture (after shutting the power off to this part of the house).


For this step we had to figure out which wire we had to attach to the old wiring.  With a quick Google search, we learned when you have wires like what we had, the ridged wire is considered “white” and the smooth wire is considered “black”.  We then attached opposite wires to each other.


Adam then attached the wires to the previous wires using the wire nuts.


Once everything was hooked up properly, Adam was able to use screws to attach the light back to the carport.


And, ta da!


An ugly light we had lived with for the last six years was replaced in 20 minutes by a shade that is a lot easier on the eyes.  Kind of like a certain someone who plays first base for the Royals.  Or a certain someone who teaches Math and Science.  🙂

Have you ever rewired an outdoor fixture?  Anything I forgot to include?

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