Family Room

I need to give a big “Thank you” to the response for the Family post.  I was blown away by the comments and even seeing how many people read the post.  Whoa!  According to my stats there were over 500 people who visited the site.  Wow.  A big time wow.  Thank you so much for your support.  So very much.

So, maybe it’s only natural that I want to focus my attention to another area in our house; our family room.  Or maybe because it’s current state is drivin’ me crazy.  Which one do you think?


Can I get an amen?

A few weekends ago, I actually had some time to go through some of the piles and put a few things away.  But I was still left with a pile.  Smaller.  But a pile none the less.  Ugh.

But tonight I wanted to take some time to dream.  To dream what this room will look like six months from now.  Why six months?  I don’t know for sure.  Probably because I feel like that’s enough time to really get things accomplished in this room so we can finally use it as a family room.  Finally.

My first dream is our entertainment area.  The last time I showed you a picture I showed you I pushed the two bookcases (that Mr. Handsome made, I might add…) around the buffet.  That left a good spot for our tv to be hung on the wall.  Or set on the top of the buffet.

Entertainment Picture

Regardless, it will be set between two decluttered bookshelves.  At this point I plan on restaining the top and trying my hand at milk painting.  Oh, and the trim?  Yep.  That’s going up.  More on that in a bit.

Swinging to the left of the entertainment center is our fire place.


We would love to install a new wood insert so the fire place will actually be functional.  On nights like tonight, I can’t wait to have a roaring fire going.  Baby, it’s cold outside!

Swinging again to your left, you’ll see our desk.

Desk Storage

Don’t mind the clutter.  The bookshelf behind the desk holds all of our notebooks for committees and boards as well as other “officey” stuff.  My goal with this corner of the room is to add a sturdier shelf (this one is made out of barn wood and isn’t the best for holding heavy items.  So, I can’t sit on it…) and a larger shelf.  Plus, I would also like to get a chair for the desk that’s stylish and cheap.  Probably more on the cheap side.

Going back to trim.  Oh, the trim.

Our goal is to install trim in the room, but I found out today this is going to be more of a challenge.  Why?  Because not only will we have to glue to trim to the poured concrete wall, but also because we’ll have to pre-drill holes into the wall before screwing the trim in every few feet.  If Adam hasn’t appreciated me before, then I don’t know when he will.  What’s more fun than predrilling holes into a concrete wall?  That’s right, getting shots in your eye nothing.

Anything else I need to include in our family room?  You know, like a sports bar?  Something else I should consider?

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