The Day Steve Urkel left our bathroom

And it was a good day.  Not that he wasn’t a hospitable guest, but it was time he left.  What do I mean?


Shower Curtain

I had posted earlier about our shower curtain dilemma when I gave you a picture tour of our basement reno.  Because of where we wanted to hang our curtain (#tallhusbandproblems) it left our very affordable curtain with a bit of an issue.  A Steve Urkel issue.  Adam did some quick research online and found shower curtains that would fit our length quota.  The only problem was the price.  Yowza! A $100 for a shower curtain?  Not in our budget.

So I decided to make our curtain work for us.  The way I felt I could accomplish that was with the help of another shower curtain.  Let me explain.

I bought an inexpensive white shower curtain at Wal-Mart with the intention of making the bottom white stripe larger.  My first step was to wash, dry, and iron both curtains.


My next step was to ensure the shower curtains were the same width.


Then I was able to cut my white curtain.  You probably already guessed, but I used the bottom of the white shower curtain so I didn’t have to hem it.  I hate hemming. It makes my hands sweaty.




Next came pinning the new bottom piece to my existing shower curtain.



I don’t have pictures of the actual sewing process because, well, I had issues with my bobbin.  And then I spent a lot of time dealing with that issue.  Once I had both pieces sewn together, I finished off the piece by trimming the excess pieces.  After I trimmed the extra pieces, I ironed the seams to make sure it laid flat.


Then came time for the final test.

Hanging it up.


DSC_0104I think it passed.  Trust me when I say I am not a seamstress.  In fact, I am pretty sure I’m far from it.  But, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

So, what do  you think?  Have you ever had to modify something so you could save money?

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