Christmas Photos

The next time you see Adam, please give him a big hug.  Why?  Because his weirdo of a wife received a 60% off of a Snapfish promo code that expires tonight.  No, that doesn’t make me weird.  What does make me weird is that I told him we were doing a very quick photo session Sunday evening at his parent’s house.  And it was late Sunday morning when I told him this.

But the good thing is that we saved a lot of money for some snazzy looking cards that otherwise wouldn’t have been in our budget.

Sunday evening had a beautiful sunset with the only problem being the temperature.  It was FREEZING.  In face, well below freezing.  So our photo session lasted no more than 20 minutes.  Otherwise my fingers were going to fall off.  Also, I had to get a bit creative with how we took our pictures.  It was just Adam and I at the photo shoot and I don’t have a tripod.

For one of our pictures I used a used oil drum, another a farm implement.


See?  That wasn’t going to work.  I just had to make a minor adjustment and then batta boom batta bing…


But he was too far away.  So, I did what any photographer would tell him.  Get closer.  🙂


But, then he got distracted by a cat.


This was better, but the light wasn’t what we wanted.  So we switched locations.


Much better!


Thankfully, I was able to edit our final picture, find the perfect card to represent us, and order well before the deadline.  What do you do to save a few bucks around the holiday season?


Sorry!  Had to sneak this one in…

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