All “Leather-ed” Up

For a few months now, I have been casually surfing Craigslist for a furniture solution to our basement family room.  Last Tuesday evening, while doing my monthly ritual, I came across a photo.  The photo showed a five piece living room set: couch, love seat, ottoman, and a large chair with ottoman.  The set looked amazing.  And what was more exciting was the fact that it fit easily in our budget.

I quickly scanned the post for contact information and I found nothing.  No phone number.  Nothing.  The only way I could contact the seller was through the Craiglist reply.  I quickly e-mailed the seller and told myself to be patient.  By Wednesday evening, I still hadn’t heard anything so I decided to e-mail again.  You know, just in case they didn’t get the first e-mail.

I still didn’t hear anything by Thursday evening.

At this point I told myself to let it go.  Another deal would come around.

The thing is I had already envisioned what it would look like with our furnishings.  Planned the lay out.  And had dreams of truly finishing this space by Christmas.  I was a bit bummed, but knew something would come along if this wasn’t the set for us.

Then Friday morning came.  I was busy with my school day morning and had a bit of a break to check e-mail.  There it was.  An e-mail from the buyer saying if I was still interested it was mine.

Breathe.  Breathe.  Jill, take a deep breath. It isn’t a done deal.  Yet.

The rest of the morning was spent e-mailing back and forth about condition of the set and size.  I was a bit fearful Adam would say the measurements weren’t going to work for our space (I’m awful when it comes to picturing how big something is.  I leave that to my pro.)  But after he did careful measurements and made me wait for what felt like forever, he thought it was a go.  Friday night I called the buyer and was surprised by a familiar last name.  We played the Mennonite game for two seconds and I learned he is a relative of our good friends.

I usually am a bit nervous when it comes to buying things through Craigslist, but this completely put my mind at ease.  He was incredibly friendly and wanted to make sure Adam and I took a look at the set before we gave a definite yes.

Saturday morning, we went by a friend’s house to pick up a trailer and made the trek to the buyer who was on the other side of Wichita.  I feel like I should mention we had my youngest cousin with us who was a champ.  We arrived at the buyers house, made introductions, and then looked at the couch.

The set looked even better in person.  Then they told us that since we drove for an hour they were going to knock another $50 off their already low price.  What?!  I tried to plead with them to let us pay what they were asking for, but they politely denied.  They even helped us tie everything down and texted to make sure we arrived home safe and sound.

So are you ready to see what made us so excited?  Oh, who am I kidding?  You probably already scrolled down.  Can’t blame you.  I would too.





This afternoon Adam took a nap on the couch, while I sat on the love seat to do some school things.  The furniture sits very well!  My Thanksgiving break list now has cleaning this space so we can use it to it’s full potential.  Woo hoo!

Has anyone else out there scored an incredible deal on Craigslist?  Or challenged themselves to find things only on Craigslist?

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