Since we have made our old bedroom into a spare room/craft room, I have been on the hunt for some kind of a bulletin board to hang above my sewing machine.  Basically so I can keep papers off the table and have more room for my projects.  Because I have a lot of them.  😉


Because this is also the spare room and we want to make sure guests feel comfortable, I wanted the bulletin board to not look so “hey-i’m-a-bulletin-board”.  I looked in a few stores like Hobby Lobby and other places, but didn’t really find anything.

Then, one evening as I walked into the house, I saw the two old chick trays I had bought a few years ago.  This past Spring and Summer I used them as decoration on our porch.  They now have a new lease on life.  And it doesn’t involve getting pooped on anymore.  They thanked me for it.  Which, in my opinion, is very fitting for this season.


I had painted them a blue-ish/greenish color which I really liked, but didn’t think it would work in the guest room.  So I went downstairs to our paint supply and brought up the blue paint used on our chicken coop.  Why?

For several reasons.

1.  I like the color.

2.  It would go nicely in the spare room.

3.  I didn’t have to buy another can of paint.

OK, side note here.  Have you ever read blogs where they say “This project didn’t cost a thing!”  I’d like to say that’s a bunch of malarchy.  At one point you would have had to buy the paint or whatever you’re using in the project.  Just admit that you’re just using what you have on hand so you’re not wasting expensive paint.

So, that’s what I was doing.  Not wasting stuff.  🙂

My first step was to wipe off the trays and then prime.


Once the primer was dry, I painted one coat of paint on the tray.  I didn’t want it to look too finished and actually liked the streakiness.  My next step was to paint the clothespins.  These came from my classroom.

See?  Not wasting stuff.

I used spray paint from another project.  Since I didn’t want to spray paint the clothespins outside, I got a little creative.  I spray painted them inside a tall shopping bag.


Adam works a lot of supplemental activities, but I didn’t realize he modeled for Hollister.  And here I thought I knew him.



I originally thought I would use the clothespins to clip on the wire, but when I saw this wouldn’t work, I decided to use my glue gun to adhere them on the tray.


Once the pins were glued, it was time to hang these bad buys up on the wall.


So what do you think?  Have you ever completed a project just so you don’t waste “stuff”?

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